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Kyle who?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Kyle Schwarber certainly left a lasting impression during his time with the Chicago Cubs. But his replacement, Joc Pederson, is hoping to make his own mark on the North Side this season.

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The former Dodgers outfielder is tearing the cover off the ball this spring – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. In a recent Baseball America piece (subscription required) that accumulated 25 top performers this spring, Pederson earned Custom Chicago Cubs Jerseys some high praise from an anonymous scout.

“He’s playing on another freaking planet right now. Home runs, doubles, bunting against the shift; he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder and rightfully so … I’d be shocked if he didn’t have a big year.”

Now, the scout had more to say than that, praising his effort in the outfield and on the base paths, as well as pointing out his quality at-bats against left-handed pitching this spring. Really, Pederson has checked every box imaginable in Cactus League action, doing everything he can to give Cubs fans a lot of hope heading into the regular season.

Cubs hoping for a new look with Joc Pederson in left field
The non-tender of Schwarber drew plenty of fire early in the offseason. But the new front office was looking to shake things up offensively – and once some more funds were freed up, Jed Hoyer brought in Pederson, who was looking for the chance to play every single day. He’s never had that chance in Los Angeles and is hoping he can establish himself as a major piece of this Cubs lineup.

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Now there are going to be some bumps along the way. He’s not suddenly going to regularly face lefties for the first time in his career and rake. But over the course of the season, we could (and hopefully, will) see some major strides from the 28-year-old slugger. If we’re really lucky, he’ll showcase some more stretches like we’ve gotten from his already this spring.

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Given the amount of uncertainty surrounding the Chicago Cubs, there’s really very little in terms of position battles this spring. Really, it comes down to second base, where Nico Hoerner looks like the front runner to grab the everyday job.

In the outfield, Chicago is set to roll with a combination of Jason Heyward, Ian Happ and newcomer Joc Pederson, who has been Wholesale Chicago Cubs Jerseys arguably the best offensive player in all of baseball so far this spring. The longtime Dodgers outfielder will, for the first time in his career, get the opportunity to play against left-handed pitching on a regular basis.

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That promise helped the Cubs land the slugger – but it has also led to questions when it comes to speedy fourth outfielder Jake Marisnick. Chicago brought in the former third-round pick. Both he and the organization are hoping he can take a big step in his career in 2021 after showing plenty of promise during the pandemic-shortened campaign last summer.

With the Mets, Marisnick put up career-best numbers, batting .333/.353/.606 in 34 plate appearances. Now, those numbers really jump off the page when put side-by-side of his career marks. Not counting 2020, the 29-year-old has only managed an on-base percentage north of .300 one time and he’s never hit .250 in a single season.

Defense is where Marisnick has made his mark in the big leagues. In 2019 as a member of the Houston Astros, he ranked in the 94th percentile in OAA. From 2016 to 2019, he ranked in the 95th percentile annually in sprint speed – so it makes sense the Cubs have been cautious as he works back from leg injuries that he battled last season.

“Calf feels good. It feels good,” Marisnick told this weekend. “It was just a precaution, make sure everything was 100 percent before I get out there. The work to get back has been good. I felt good when I was running the bases today.”

Cubs: Jake Marisnick is the perfect fourth outfielder
Marisnick is a guy who can spell one of your starters every so often, but he’s not an everyday outfielder. Simply put, he just doesn’t bring enough value offensively to pencil him into the lineup card with any sort of real regularity. That being said, he can change a game with his glove and his legs, something few Cubs players have been able to do in recent years.

With a pitching staff that will rely heavily on its defense, Marisnick is a perfect fit for the Cubs’ roster. A defense-first presence, he can easily come in late in a ballgame or even pinch run, something that could be more important in 2021 with pitchers batting for themselves in the National League. Whatever chances he’s given, he’s ready to make the most of them.

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Sure, St. Louis (Nolan Arenado) stole some of Chicago’s (Joc Pederson) thunder yesterday, but the Cubs still got themselves a good, young player and I’m digging the positive vibes of a potentially looser budget for 2021, as well. And all of that positivity led me down a wormhole of Joc Pederson clips, until I landed on that time he totally trolled Addison Russell, who could never hold onto his dang bat, and it’s cracking me up.

I don’t know how I don’t remember this:

Okay … LOL. I like this guy already.

Anyone who watched the Cubs with some regularity from 2015-2019 remembers how freakin’ often Addison Russell would just … I don’t know, lose control of his bat(?) from time to time. I’m sure this isn’t right, but it sure felt like it happened almost every week.

Onto the field, into the opposing dugout, into the stands … he just couldn’t hold onto it. And this time, Joc Pederson had enough, taping up Alex Verdugo’s hands as a tip to Russell for his next at-bat.